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Update On Pea Island and Ferry Service
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I have just left a community meeting with two of our county commissioners (Hatteras Island's Allen Burrus and Nags Head's Warren Judge), the county mamager (Bobby Outten) with officials from DOT and Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperation on hand.

We are very fortunate to have the leadership in dare County that we have. They have shown that they have our back and are trying to make good decissions for all of us. Cape Hatteras Ellectric Coop is the best electric supplier in the USA. And I was able to tell them so!

DOT has lots of assets on the road problems in dare County working from daylight til dark until the road is repaired. While I understand that without traffic in their way repairs could be done faster, the businesses and people of hatteras island and visitors would rather have delays and waits on sections with limited access on the road to ease ferry traffic if possible. We do not need pavement until the season is over(After Thanksgving or even after the new year. Put gravel down and let us ride. One lane on the briidges with lights directing traffic is better than ferry service if needed. But our biggest problem here is that USFW will not give us permission for 4x4 traffic outside the right of way to accomplish this idea. We do not want USFW help us with the work needed doing, but we want a simple yes to the needs of the people of this island and it's visitors. If there is anyone that has access to the white house in DC that can get our leader to correct this misjustice do so. He has graciously given catre blanc to New Jersey and New York which we all agree with, but we need just a phone call to the Dept of Interior to help us on hatteras Island.

Visitors will have three ways to get to the island beginning tomorrow, Friday

Stumpy Point to Rodanthe - 10 trips a day starting at 5:00AM out of Stmpy Point every 1 1/2
hrs most of the day til about 9PM The reverse is true from Rodanthe to Stumpy Point from 7:00AM til 7:30PM each day.
Loading iis first come first serve except priority service for some special needs individuals that have medical treatment, etc reasons and for commodity vehilcles (bread, ice, food, gas, construction equipment,etc.) that could cause you to have to wait for more than one ferry for loading. Be prepared to stay in line for some period of time.  If you have reservations to come by Cedar Island or Stumpy Pint viia Ocracoke you may be better to go that way.

Cedar Island to Ocracoke - By reservation only 1-800-byferry then Ocracoke every hour on the half hour to Hatteras

Swan Quarter-Ocracoke - By reservation only 1-800-byferry then Ocracoke every hour on the half hour to Hatteras

With reservations you may have to pay $15.00 but you pretty much are guarantee a spot on the ferry.

CHAC Tournament

President larry hardham was at the meeting I attended as well and I have not received official word yet on their decision to have or not have the tournament, but I will post when I have word. I cross my fingers that you will be on your way here even if it is a difficult trip to complete since you have planned for this event for a long while.

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Total assessment at Oregon Inlet Bridge not complete, but word is that it may not be as bad as first thought. Still no divers have been down to check piling integrity but a bucket boom truck has been doing above water assessments.

Tomorrow at 1:00PM the County Commissioners, the County manager and top DOT officials will be at the Avon Fire House for an update and hopefully some good news.

Ferry service has begun from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe and is on a two hour schedule from 7:00AM to 10 PM from Stumpy Point and 7AM til 7PM from Rodanthe. No visitors are being allowed on from Stumpy Point. Residents and essential traffic only! After essential traffic is loaded going from Rodanthe to Stumpy Point the ferry is carrying visitors off to head home space available.

Mail was coming through today via Swan Quarter ferry which means that they must think that egress and exit from Swan Quarter and Cedar Island may be  in place soon to get visitors to Ocracoke and Hatteras as done last year after Irene

Thanksgiving is whemn they say that work will be far enough along to let traffic south through Pea Island, but maybe I can add some better position on that area after tomorrows meeting.

We were within 1/2 inch
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Frank & fran's was blessed this year after hurricane Sandy did so much to so many. We were within 1/2 inch having water in the shop, but we are dry and in great shape.

I do not know what the immediate future is for the many folks that want to visit our island. There is damage to the Oregon Inlet Bridge and the new clittity clack bridge at New Inlet as well as some sand on road and some roadway da...
mage but to my knowledge no new inlets to secure. We are hearing weeks before the road will be passible but without a complete assement we do know know anything definite YET!!!.

Until we know more and people are able to get here it will be a 9A-5P day at F & F and only Ginger and me at the wheel.

I will try to keep you updated as I get the info

Miss all of you
Frank, Fran and the crew

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