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NPS announces: RAMP 43 gains .30 to the north of Ramp
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Consistent with the ORV Plan, due to lack of breeding activity for 14 days at the piping plover nest just north of R43, field staff today are reverting back to the original pre-nest closure. The Park will allow ORV and pedestrian access from R43 north to the Vehicle Free Area. The beach seems to be a little wider, and we learned a lot about the PIPL pair and where they like to nest. The Park feels comfortable with allowing recreational activities in front of the pre-nest closure as well as driving to the north to the boundary of the vehicle free area. So the entire shoreline is open.
This change to the pre-nest is occurring as of the time I am writing this e-mail. It may not be updated on Google Earth for a day or so. Our mapping person is out of pocket today.
Have a great weekend gentlemen!!! Maybe I will see you out there!

Update on Ramp 44
Written by Frank   

Here is the latest from NPS on Ramp 44 and why you cannot go to the point right now!
While it is not news we like to hear it is the facts and by letting you know those facts you can be prepared for the worst and not be surprised by them and their effect.  NPS has begun to give good communication on what is going on and we can only appreciate that openness and deal with the consequences. Maybe some of the results on the legislation coming into play later this month might give us some relief. 

When 44 is opened today there will be 0.6 miles of driveable/walkable beach. As you move south down the beach from R44, you will hit an oystercatcher closure which will prevent walking to the Point. There will be no open beach at the tip to access via the water route. Also, the oystercatcher nest is only about 60 feet from the lunar high surf line (observed this morning) and access through the water would disturb this bird.
In 3-7 days, there will be another plover nest that is expected to hatch at the Point. When it does, R44 will be closed again. The predicted hatch date is in 3 days, but the nests have been incubating a little longer than predicted. Hopefully, we can get through the weekend with R44 remaining open.

NPS Reopens Ramp 44
Written by Frank   

The repot shown below shows information and mileages and Ramp openings as of this afternoon due to an email from NPS that overrides the weekly report issued by NPS. If you see that the mileages we have shown today do not concur with the NPS website weekly report this is the reason.

At this time I do not know if you can walk to Cape Point and stand and recreate on the dry sand or have to remain in the water and do not know what happened to the plover chicks that caused this closure. Hopefully the have moved west into the prenesting closure far enough that we can now use Ramp 44 and not been killed by predators because when this happens before  July these birds will renest and try a second time that could cause later closures. 

Enjoy our wonderful seashore.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 June 2015 13:43

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