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Here is a great video done for us by a great couple in Virginia that do this for a living.



on your browser and check it out!

On Internet Exployer it loads right away

On Firefox and Chrome you will have to allow a plug in to view and I am not sure on Apple Safari yet

Cape Point Closes Due to Piping Plover hatching.
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Yesterday, 5-30-2015 before dark when the Spanish macherel just began to bite fishermen were asked to leave the area due to the buffers for Piping Plovers when an egg hatches.

While this is hard to understand we weree given advance notice on 5-27-2015 that the closure would occur in a few days when the eggs did hatch. Ramp 44 is closed and you cannot walk or drive south over Ramp 44.

Ramp 43 had been closed but was opened late 5-26-2015 when it was determined that the Plover Chicks there had been lost to predators (Crows). There is a Cul-Da-Sak there to fish.

If you wonder if you can walk from Ramp 43 to the point the only way that this is possible now is that you walk at all times in the water never leaving a foot print and not leaving the water at Cape Point. The land portion is CLOSED. If you at any time go onto the beach while walking or at the point or place any of your belongings on dry sand you are in violation of the closure and may be subject to a federal violation ticket and expansion of the closure.

What I do not know is where these chicks are at this time and cannot comment on the likely hood that the reduced buffers that will go into effect 6-15 or 16-2015 may open the area to pedestrians and/or vehicles. If predation occurrs to these chicks it also may reopen, but the birds this early have been known to renest putting closures later in the season.

I do not like to pass on bad news like this but feel you should be informed for planning your visit to Hatteras Island.

Soundside near Canadian Hole 5-28-2015
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James Brooks caught this 5 lb plus Speckled Trout on sound side. I am jealous!


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