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4th Annual NCBBA Red Drum Tournament
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From NCBBA President Dave Joyner


Day I of NCBBA’s 4th Annual Red Drum Tournament had warm temperatures & calm seas, resulting in lots of 15 inch bluefish & few red drum.

Mike Eastridge of Charlotte, NC leading overall with a 45 inch red drum.

Mike Crew of Leesburg, VA wins Day I largest red drum with a 19.75 red drum.

John McKee of Durham, NC wins Day 1 2nd largest red drum with a 19.50 red drum.

Mike Eastridge also has the most drum because his fish was caught at 12:47 A.M.

Linda Hart of Indian Land, SC has the largest bluefish with a 18.25 fish.

Terrie Ferris of Canterbury, CT has the largest sea mullet with a 17.25 2lb 30z. fish.


Tournament Officials are closely watching Hurricane Sandy & have made the following tournament schedule change:

The tournament will end at noon, Saturday, October 27th.

The afternoon fishing session from noon to 4:00 P.M. is hereby canceled.

The awards banquet will begin at 2:00 P.M.

This will allow tournament participants time to leave Hatteras Island before Saturday evening’s high tide.

As the day progresses this may be altered again.


David K. Joyner

NCBBA President

Tournament Director

Cape Hatteras National Seashore – Final Weekly Beach Access Summary 9/20/2012
Written by Reports   

Cape Hatteras National Seashore – Weekly Beach Access Summary

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

The Beach Access Summary is issued on Thursdays throughout the breeding season,

and updated news will be reported weekly in bold, BLUE print. *All distances are approximate. This summary is complemented by a Google Earth map at: http://www.nps.gov/caha/planyourvisit/googleearthmap.htm. For more information, check the National Seashore’s website at: http://www.nps.gov/caha.

Note: This is the final weekly beach access report for the 2012 season at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Designated off-road vehicle (ORV) routes and pedestrian areas are established in accordance with the new ORV Management Plan for the winter season with a few remaining sea turtle nest protection areas on Seashore beaches. Minor adjustments in access will be reflected in periodic updates of the Google Earth map. On-site signage is the most accurate and current indication of areas that are open to public access or closed to entry.

Closed areas are clearly marked in the field with "symbolic fencing" consisting of wooden or carsonite posts, closure signs, string, and/or flagging tape. Knowledge of tidal changes and caution should be exercised while traveling the beaches of the park. Pets are strictly prohibited in posted resource protection areas and pedestrian shoreline access corridor adjacent to (seaward of) prenesting areas. Elsewhere, pets must be physically restrained at all times on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length. For more information, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 252-473-2111, ext. 148.

Beach Segment & Route/Area Designation


**Bodie Island (north to south)**

Ramp 1 to 0.5 miles S of Coquina- -

1.7 miles

- Pedestrian area


0.5 mi. S of Coquina to 0.2 mi. S of Ramp 4 -

2.1 miles - ORV route


0.2 mi. S of Ramp 4 to Oregon Inlet -

1.1 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Sept 15 –Mar 14) ORV Route


Seasonal ORV route is open to ORV and pedestrians 0.2 of mi. south of Ramp 4 to Oregon Inlet.

**Hatteras Island (north to south)**

Rodanthe boundary to 0.1 mile S of pier -

1.6 miles - Pedestrian area


0.1 mile south of Rodanthe pier to Ramp 23 -

3.7 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Nov 1- Mar 31) ORV Route

Open to pedestrian access.

Ramp 23 to 1.5 miles S of Ramp 23 -

1.5 miles - Pedestrian area



1.5 miles S of Ramp 23 to Ramp 27 -

2.8 miles - ORV route


Ramp 27 to Ramp 30 -

2.2 miles - Pedestrian area


Ramp 30 to 2.3 miles S of Ramp 30 –

2.3 miles

- ORV route


. A temporary resource protection area is located 1.8 miles south of Ramp 30.

2.3 miles S of Ramp 30 to Ramp 34 -

2.0 miles - Pedestrian area


Ramp 34 to Ramp 38; includes Avon village -

3.9 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Nov 1 – Mar 31) ORV Route

Open to pedestrian access.

Ramp 38 to 1.5 miles S of Ramp 38 -

1.5 miles - ORV route


A temporary resource protection area is located 0.5 mi. south of Ramp 38.

1.5 miles S of Ramp 38 to 0.4 mile N of Ramp 43; includes Buxton beach -

4.1 miles - Pedestrian area


0.4 mile N of Ramp 43 to Cape Point to 0.3 miles W of the "hook" –

2.1 miles - ORV route

Ramp 43 is open north for 0.4 of a mile for ORV access. Ramp 44 is open with ORV access south to Cape Point. The Interdunal Road and Ramp 45 are open to pedestrian access.

0.3 mile W of the hook to 1.7 miles W of Ramp 45 -

2.8 miles - Pedestrian area


1.7 miles W of Ramp 45 to Frisco boundary -

2.9 miles - ORV route

Open. There is ORV access for

0.3 mi. north of Ramp 49 to where a temporary resource protection closure is located. South of Ramp 49 there is ORV access for 1.1 miles.

Frisco village beach –

1.1 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Nov 1 – Mar 31) ORV Route

Open to pedestrian access.

Beach between Frisco & Hatteras villages -

1.4 miles - Pedestrian area


East boundary Hatteras Village to Ramp 55 -

2.2 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Nov 1 – Mar 31) ORV Route

Open to pedestrian access.

Ramp 55 along ocean beach to "Bone Road" -

1.6 miles - ORV route


Bone Road to Hatteras Inlet, including the "rip" -

1.0 miles - Pedestrian area


Pole Road to parking area near inlet –

2.3 miles - ORV route

Open. The Pole Road is open to ORV access including Cable Crossing and three spurs over to the ocean shoreline. There is pedestrian access to the inlet and soundside.

Cable Crossing soundside access from Pole Road -

0.2 miles - ORV route


**Ocracoke Island (north to south)**

Inlet to Ramp 59 – 1.0 miles - Pedestrian area


Ramp 59 to 4.5 miles S of R59 –

4.5 miles - ORV route

Open. Ramp 59 is open south for 0.4 of mile for ORV access where a temporary resource protection area is located.

4.5 miles S of Ramp 59 to 1.0 mile NE of Ramp 67 -

2.5 miles - Pedestrian area


1.0 mile NE of Ramp 67 to 0.5 mile NE of Ramp 68 –

1.7 miles - ORV route


0.5 mile NE of Ramp 68 to Ramp 68 - Ocracoke Campground area –

0.5 miles - Pedestrian area/Seasonal (Nov 1 – Mar 31) ORV Route

Open to pedestrian access.

Ramp 68 to 0.4 miles NE Ramp 70; includes Ocracoke Day Use area –

2.2 miles - Pedestrian area


0.4 mile NE of Ramp 70 to Ocracoke Inlet

4.1 miles - ORV route


Inlet shoreline along South Point

1.0 miles - Pedestrian area


Summary of Ocean and Inlet Shoreline Mileage Only

**Mileage based on current 2012 GIS data and imagery

Open To:



Bodie Island:



Open to ORVs



Closed for Resource Protection



Open to Pedestrians



Hatteras Island:



Open to ORVs



Closed for Resource Protection



Open to Pedestrians



Ocracoke Island:



Open to ORVs



Closed for Resource Protection



Open to Pedestrians



Total Ocean & Inlet Shoreline Mileage




Total Miles Open to ORVs



Total Miles Closed for Resource Protection




Total Miles Open to Pedestrians



Total Miles Open to Pedestrians (Includes ORV areas)









Last Updated on Monday, 01 October 2012 12:41
Ramp by Ramp open access for ORV traffic (Updated 09-13-2012)
Written by Reports   

Ramp by Ramp open access for ORV traffic (Updated 09-13-2012)

(Bodie Island Total-2.1 miles open)

Ramp 4 North                                               1.9 miles open

Ramp 4 South                                               0.2 miles open

 (Hatteras Total – 13.4 miles open

Ramp 23                                                   CLOSED Til 11-1-12

Ramp 27 NORTH                                           2.8 miles open

Ramp 27 to Ramp 30                                CLOSED

Ramp 30 South                                              2.2 miles open          

Ramp 34                                                    CLOSED

Ramp 38 South                                              1.5 miles open

Ramp 43 North                                              0.4 miles open

Ramp 43-South                                           CLOSED

Ramp 44 to Cape Point                            2.1 Miles Open to Cape Point

Cape Point South                                     0.3 Miles Open

Ramp 45                                                     CLOSED

Ramp 49 East                                                 0.4 miles open

Ramp 49 West to Frisco Village Line               1.1 miles open

Ramp 55 West beach shoreline                      1.6 miles open

Ramp 55 Interdunal (Pole) Road with small

sound-side access behind Coast Guard Base    2.3 miles

& Cable Crossing open but this is not beach access

Ocracoke Total –5.3 miles open

Ramp 59 North                                                      CLOSED

Ramp 59 South                                                      0.4 miles open

Ramp 67 North                                                       0.3 miles open

Ramp 67 South                                                       0.7 miles open

Ramp 68 South                                                       CLOSED

Ramp 70 North                                                        0.3 miles open

Ramp 70 South to Ramp 72                                      1.7 miles open

Ramp 72 South                                                        1.9 miles open

These are rough numbers only.  Some of these miles are too narrow

 to drive safely.



Last Updated on Saturday, 29 September 2012 13:27

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